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PRTG app for desktop is an alternative interface that you can use to connect to one or several independent PRTG core servers or PRTG Hosted Monitor instances to configure your setup, view monitoring results, and keep an eye on your network. It is a cross-platform application for fast access to data and monitoring management.

PRTG app for desktop natively includes most PRTG functions. For a few options, PRTG app for desktop opens an external browser window using your default browser, for example, for system setup.

PRTG app for desktop currently has two license types: PRTG app for desktop and PRTG MultiBoard.

To use PRTG app for desktop, download and install it on your Windows, macOS, or Linux system.
i_round_bluePRTG app for desktop for Linux is still experimental. We do not recommend it for live systems that you depend on.

i_square_cyanDownload the PRTG app for desktop user manual here: PRTG app for desktop manual (PDF).

i_square_cyanDownload PRTG app for desktop from our website: PRTG app for desktop.

PRTG app for desktop

With PRTG app for desktop, you have access to the multi-edit, desktop alerts, and compare sensors features.

PRTG app for desktop window

PRTG app for desktop window

PRTG MultiBoard

PRTG MultiBoard includes access to all PRTG app for desktop features, as well as to the Multi Server, Probe Transfer, and Configuration Viewer features.  

i_round_bluePRTG MultiBoard is only available for users with a Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor license.

Multi Server window

Multi Server window

With the Multi Server, you can connect to several independent servers to view their data and manage your monitoring centrally. Within the Multi Server, you can view the following:

  • Dashboard: Use different widget types to show overviews of your configured servers at a glance.
  • Details: Display all sensors of all configured servers as a sensor list or in a more detailed table view.
  • Report: Display an overview of the number of sensors on each connected server and in total, and the number of sensors that show a specific status.
  • Sets: Group sensors into customized sensor sets across all your PRTG core servers and PRTG Hosted Monitor instances.
  • Overview: View and edit all device tree objects in all of your PRTG core servers and PRTG Hosted Monitor instances.

i_round_bluePRTG app for desktop is mainly designed to review and manage PRTG installations that you already set up. If you have just started with monitoring, we recommend that you first run through the smart setup in the PRTG web interface and add your network devices there. Once finished, you can seamlessly switch to PRTG app for desktop.

i_podPRTG Hosted Monitor supports connections from PRTG app for desktop. For more information, see section Using PRTG Hosted Monitor.


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